Artist Members

We have a very strong membership of keen artists and many of our members have chosen to share their work here – follow the links below to see their work and find out more..


If you wish to create add or change anything to your page contact Barbara Meynell – – attaching your photos with descriptions.

Artists Pages

Burke, Ron Cox, Tony
Evans, John E McMahon, Alan
Noonan, Kate Oakes, Dennis
Pam Hadfield Wood, Sarah
Young, Malcom Janet Roberts
Lesley Bowden Fioretta Evans
Beryl Evans Barbara Meynell
Roy Price Glenice Sudworth
Barbara Singleton Nigel Morris
Lyn CritchleyJohn Dinwoodie
George McCarroll Trudy Hulmston
Pat Parry
Sylvia AsquithEddie Snell
Elizabeth McCarroll