Irby Artists Association


St Chad’s Hall, Roslin Road, Irby -from 10am to 5pm

1. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS may enter a single picture (framed or unframed) OR a craft item and may enter a single entry of up to 10 painted cards for sale. The entries mus comply with the relevant rules below.

2. FULL MEMBERS may enter up to 3 framed pictures, plus 2 unframed pictures, and/or 6 craft items. In addition, one craft exhibit of up to 10 single fold cards may be submitted by each member. Cards must be hand painted or crafted by the member, and must not contain images to which a copyright exists elsewhere. Printed cards or images are not

3. EXCEPT WHERE STATED ELSEWHERE: An entry fee of £1.00 per picture (framed) or £0.50p (Unframed), and £0.50p per craft, or card exhibit, will be charged, and is payable on delivery of the exhibit on the day before the exhibition. (Cheques payable to IAA).

EXCEPTIONS:  Single Oversize paintings (see item 7 below) £3 per entry. Composite groups of two or more units (e.g. Triptychs) (see Item 7 below) £1 per unit. Not For Sale (limited to ONE entry per member) £2

4. All work must be the member’s ORIGINAL unaided work, and must not contain images to which a copyright exists elsewhere. Prints of original works or copies of work by other artists are not accepted. The Committee retains the right to exclude work from display for any reasons, including lack of space or poor framing.

5. Exhibits should not have been shown at any previous Irby Artists’ Association Exhibition.

6. A commission of 15% of the price of all works sold at the exhibition will be deducted and paid to Irby Artists’ Association. Prices for exhibits must be in whole Pounds (£), except for individual cards which may be priced to the nearest £0.50p.

7. Picture frames should be fitted with  D rings only, set one third down. NO OTHER FORM OF FITTING WILL BE ACCEPTED.The cord should be tight, and not visible above the frame when hung.

Members may display up to 3 framed pictures of maximum dimensions (including frame) of 30“ x 24” OR may display a single oversize picture of up to 40” wide x 24”(including frame). Composite works of two or more units (e.g. triptychs, etc.) will be displayed with a minimum of 1” separation between each unit. The combined dimensions of a
composite group (including the separations) must not exceed 40” wide x 24” as per above.

8. Unframed pictures must be secured within a card mount, and must not exceed 20ins by 15ins (508mm x 381mm) including the mount. The mount should be fitted with two card tabs, securely glued to the rear, and extending 1 inch (25mm) above the top of the mount, to allow for hanging. Pastels should be protected with clear cellophane.

9. Each exhibit must be clearly labelled on the reverse with: – ARTIST NAME, TELEPHONE No., EXHIBIT TITLE, PRICE (or marked ‘NFS’ if Not For Sale). Titles should not exceed 25 characters, incl. Spaces.

10. Boxed canvas paintings will be classed as framed paintings. Hanging fittings should not be visible on the sides.

11. Although great care will be taken of all works submitted, the organisers do not accept liability for loss of, or damage to, any work howsoever caused. It is the responsibility of each artist to insure against loss or damage. All pictures and craft items submitted for exhibition must be placed on display only by the person or persons appointed by the Committee for that purpose.

Exhibits and Entry Fees –will be accepted on the date and times given on the entry form.
Collection of Unsold works –Saturday 13 November between 4.30 and 5.30 pm


It has been noticeable that in recent years that some exhibitors have been pricing their pictures well below the nominal cost of producing the work, in terms of the cost of materials used, and the labour involved. Serious artists will agree that this has the effect of cheapening the perception of your work as an artist in the eyes of the public, and therefore, far from increasing the chance of a sale — it actually makes the work undesirable!

The Committee have decided that for this and all future exhibitions, the minimum price of a framed picture accepted for exhibition will be £30.

Although at this time there is no similar requirement for the price of unframed pictures or craft, we would ask exhibitors to seriously consider charging an amount that reflects the amount of labour and materials involved in producing their craft and unframed exhibits.