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Live Webinar Events

Click on the link below to see a wide choice of artists to watch by webinar. They are mostly ‘paint along’ events available for a small charge. Some can be accessed for free in the library of recordings. Learn and enjoy during lockdown!

Online workshops

Click on the link below to see details of sketching, watercolour and drawing workshops by top artists filmed in studio or in locations around the world, including Ian Fennelly. The site is based in the US.

An excellent free workshop!

Your editor, Barbara went on this last year and is doing it again. You don’t need Facebook, although if you join, you’ll find it interesting seeing other’s work . The link to Louise Fletcher’s website for all the details is It starts on 3rd June. (2021)

Painting a wave in oils

For those painting semi- realistically this looks like a great short course for only £40 by artist and tutor Gary Long. Follow the link for the exact dates, but it’s on two weekends in June and July

Informative Blog

This blog by US artist Mitchell Albala has many interesting articles on painting techniques, composition and colour palettes.

An award winning blog by artist Katherine Tyrrell

Wonderstreet Blog
Which Brand of Watercolour Should You Choose?

How to Choose a Brand of Oil Paint.

Choosing the Acrylic Paint that’s Best for You.

Exhibitions and Events


The Exhibition of Wildlife Art takes place in Wirral in late August at Gordale Nurseries. Their Facebook page is also very informative. Contact Marion Tuffrey – for details.

Wirral Open Studios Tour

Visit artists in their studios on 11th- 12th September. A lively and popular event. Your website editor is taking part this year!