McMahon, Alan

Born and bred in Liverpool, I moved to the Wirral in 1980. A latecomer to art, I initially started in watercolours, attending various courses at Burton Manor during the late 1990s, and eventually becoming an Associate Member of Irby Artists Association in year 2000. I became a Full Member in 2002.

I was accepted onto the Irby Artists Committee in 2008, and since November 2010, have served in the capacity of Exhibitions Co-ordinator for the association.

It was while attending Art Summer Schools at Burton Manor that I first became acquainted with the coloured pencil as a serious art medium. Along with graphite pencil, the coloured pencil has become my main focus as an art form. In 2008 I became a member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society [UKCPS], and I currently serve on the Executive Committee of that Society.

Besides local exhibitions, my work has been exhibited in UKCPS exhibitions at the Pencil Museum, Keswick, and in UKCPS Open International Exhibitions.