The ‘Newsletter’

For many years, the Association published and sent out a twice-yearly printed ‘Newsletter’ to all members.   The ‘Newsletter’ featured articles and information of interest to members and was seen as a way of keeping all members informed, and especially those who are unable to attend the weekly Monday Group or monthly demonstration nights.

The ‘Newsletter’ was sent out electronically (in PDF format) to those members who have email and who are listed on the ‘Members Emailing List’.  Those members not on email still received a printed version.

The last newsletter was compiled in December 2021, but may resume in the future.



NEWSLETTER January 2021

NEWSLETTER December 2019

News Items ( Useful for those not on email)

In addition to the formal ‘Newsletter’, additional news items announcing forthcoming art related events, both locally and nationally, are sent out by email to those on the ‘General Emailing List’.  

[Those members of Irby Artists Association on the ‘Members Emailing List’ are automatically included within the ‘General Emailing List’ and therefore receive any additional news items.]